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What a very exciting day in the history of Forest, as today I am able to share with you the report written following our Ofsted inspection on the 9th January. Please read the report not once but twice—it’s amazing!!! The Ofsted inspector was absolutely blown away by Forest—the children, the staff, the learning, the care, the community, the systems and essentially everything that she saw. Most unusually—for an Ofsted Inspector—she said that she couldn’t think of ANY areas for improvement for us, and simply urged us to keep up the great work. This is, quite frankly, unheard of. Those of you who have enjoyed the journey with us from our starting point in 2013/14 to now will appreciate quite how incredible this achievement is… We’ve come a long way! My heartfelt congratulations and thanks to a remarkable staff team whose skill, talent and expertise is second to none, to your children for being the best bunch of kids I’ve ever met, and to you for all of your support along the way.

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Since becoming a Wellspring Academy in May 2013, The Forest Academy has enjoyed rapid improvement in every aspect of school life - a fact recognised in our first Ofsted inspection 19th-20th January 2015 where the school's overall effectiveness was rated ‘GOOD’.

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Inspection dates 28–29 January 2015

Previous inspection: Not previously inspected
This inspection: Good

Leadership and Management: Good

Behaviour and safety of pupils: Good

Quality of teaching: Good

Achievement of pupils: Good

Early years provision: Good

The team were very complimentary of the rapid improvement work underway at Forest, noting:
  • Outstanding leadership
  • A drive for improvement at all levels
  • Pupils making better than expected progress
  • Improvements in teaching leading to significant rise in pupils achievements
  • Pupils good behaviour around school and in lessons
  • Ambitious Governance offers appropriate support and challenge
  • Significant improvement in the quality of teaching and learning
  • Planning for future improvement is accurate and contains the right priorities
  • Adults model respectful attitudes and the importance of working together, listening and communicating effectively with one another
  • Pupils are polite, well-mannered and show respect towards each other and for adults.
  • Pupils are welcoming to visitors and keen to share their interests and explain their work.
  • The outstanding early morning breakfast club is very well attended with 140 pupils attending regularly. It is enthusiastically and efficiently run by staff and parent volunteers.
  • Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and their work.
  • Pupils needing additional help are given well-targeted support by teaching assistants or other adults so that all can learn well and make good progress.
  • Teaching is invariably an enjoyable experience for pupils.
  • Teachers demonstrate considerable skill in teaching reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Pupils’ achievement has risen significantly since the school converted to academy status and there has been a distinct and rapid increase in the rate of pupils’ progress.
  • The rapidly improving achievement of all groups of pupils demonstrates the success of leaders, teachers and support staff in ensuring that all pupils have equal opportunities to make good progress.

Comments around Governance were also complimentary:
  • Governors are highly ambitious for the school and are fully aware of how good it can become.
  • They have a very accurate analysis of the school and national assessment data, which gives them a clear picture of the rapid progress made as well as the distance still to travel.
  • Governors prioritise improving teaching and learning in order to rapidly raise standards further.
  • They especially focus on the impact of pupil premium spending to make sure that any gaps in achievement of any groups are continuing to close rapidly.
  • Statutory duties are fulfilled efficiently.
  • All policies are reviewed and updated regularly and safeguarding procedures meet all the government’s requirements.

They identified the following areas for improvement towards Outstanding:
  • Raise pupils attainment in line with National
  • Strengthen the quality of teaching so that:
  • All pupils make outstanding progress
  • Teachers always provide the right level of challenge for pupils, allowing the most able pupils to access work that will challenge them further and access more opportunities to reinforce their skills across different subject areas.
  • Teachers always have high expectations of the way that pupils present their work
  • Strengthen marking and feedback so that:
  • Pupils get clearly focused advice from teachers in their books and use it to improve their work.
  • Strengthen middle leadership so that:
  • They contribute fully in improving the quality of teaching and learning across the school
  • They have opportunities to challenge and support all staff in their work with all groups of pupils who are at risk of falling behind, including the most able.
We featured in many local publications as a result of the positive Ofsted outcome:
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