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Forest Academy Pupil Parliament.


Forest Academy has a fabulous team of young people who contribute to the running of our wonderful school through a Pupil Parliament.  The aim of our Pupil Parliament is to enable children to discuss topics and issues that affect them and the learning environment, and share/ implement ideas to move forward. Parliament meets on a regular basis in school and is supported by Mrs Hirst and Mrs Duffield.


Providing this opportunity at Forest contributes greatly to our children’s social and emotional development and overall learning as it promotes children’s leadership skills enabling them to develop valuable communication, organisation and debating skills. It is a wonderful way for our children to voice their opinions and hear the opinions of others in a forum of mutual respect.  By being involved in a Pupil Parliament our children develop a sense of belonging, become confident when putting ideas forward and develop a greater understanding of the need to work together for the good of others. Parliament members are rotated on a regular basis to give opportunities to all children to participate.