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Our science curriculum evokes curiosity, excitement and understanding about the world around them through the specific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It offers opportunities to develop observation, questioning and reasoning skills through each unit of work, culminating with a ‘Challenge Question’ which allows pupils to demonstrate and apply what they have learnt during the topic. 


We aim to stimulate a life-long interest in science, allowing pupils to explore and take part in practical, ‘hands-on’ experiments. Our curriculum is underpinned by Rising Stars Switched on Science which offers a rich range of investigations and carefully mapped progression in subject knowledge, subject specific vocabulary and conceptual understanding. Drawing from newly learnt and prior knowledge allows our learners to solve practical problems with increasing sophistication. 


We want our young people to acquire and secure knowledge and transferable skills that develop from the very beginning of their learning journey in Early Years through to the transition from KS2 into KS3 and beyond. Each learning sequence is carefully planned to ensure the relevant key features of scientific enquiry have been taught. We ask children to notice similarities, differences and patterns, group and classify things and carry out simple comparative tests and fair tests. Children use appropriate scientific language to communicate their ideas in a variety of ways and tell us what they have found out. We want our children to make strong connections between scientific concepts and use these to support their learning and understanding across other subject areas, especially mathematics and technology.


Through Science,  our children think critically and ask and answer questions, develop their problem-solving and resilience and their ability to work logically and accurately. They also develop their ability to capture results (through notes, photos or formal recordings) and to summarise and conclude. The Science curriculum is a rich opportunity for all children to thrive and is a very popular strand of our curriculum. We aim to equip our children with the knowledge and skills they need to become super scientists who understand that their contribution in this field - if they choose to pursue it - may lead to new ‘world’ discoveries!


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