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All schools provide daily collective worship for registered pupils (apart from those who have been withdrawn by their parents). Daily collective worship must be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character. The precise nature will depend on the family background and age of the pupils. We work closely with St Andrews Church who lead assemblies throughout the school year, and who also host our Harvest, Christmas and Easter Church Celebrations. 

Collective Worship/Assemblies are non-denominational and although they are of a broadly Christian nature due consideration is given to the multi-cultural and multi ethnic society in which we live. Children will have the opportunity to experience festivals and religions from other cultures throughout the school year through the curriculum offer in RE and PSHE. 

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education and collective worship should they so wish.

If parents do not wish their child to be taught the agreed syllabus or take part in short acts of collective worship they should inform us in writing for consideration by the Head of School. Parents will be encouraged to meet with the Head of School to discuss their concerns and, wherever possible, are asked to allow their children to participate fully in this aspect of the curriculum. 

A copy of the RSE and PHSE Policy and Collective Worship can be accessed on our School Policies website page on the below link: School Policies