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A copy of the Safeguarding Policy can be accessed on our School Policies website page on the below link: 
School Policies
We have a responsibility to ensure that children are safe and that any concerns that we have in relation to child protection will be dealt with swiftly, in line with our child protection procedures.

Children are taught specific issues relating to safeguarding such as; road safety, stranger danger and e-safety.

All staff and members of the Governing Body receive Safeguarding training on a regular basis. Members of the Senior Leadership Team and the Parent Support Advisor regularly attend additional training run by Barnsley Safeguarding Team to ensure that we remain fully briefed on Child Protection matters.

If you have any concerns regarding Child Protection or Safeguarding matters please do not hesitate to contact the school office in person or by telephone 01226 284719 and ask to speak with the Designated Safeguarding Officer or email You can, of course, raise a concern with any member of the school staff team who will liaise with designated staff on your behalf. 

Private Fostering

A privately fostered child is a child under 16 (or 18 if Disabled) who is cared for by an adult who is not a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, step parent (including civil partnerships), sister or brother where the child is to be cared for in that person’s home for 28 days or more.

A child who is in Care or placed in any residential home, hospital or school (where they are receiving full-time education) is excluded from the definition. In a private fostering arrangement, the parent retains Parental Responsibility.

However, Children under 16 who spend more than 2 weeks in residence during holiday time in a school, become privately fostered children for the purposes of the legislation during that holiday period.

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Our Designated Lead Officers for Child Protection are:

Katie Pierce- Head of School

Susan Galley- Parent Support Advisor

Helen Clowrey- Assistant Head/ SENCO

Sarah Morrison- Office Manager

Louise Duffield- Learning Mentor

Georgia Law- Admin/ Family Liason Officer