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A copy of the Behaviour Policy can be accessed on our School Policies website page on the below link: School Policies

Our behaviour policy is designed to:
  • Promote a positive climate and learning culture within school

  • Provide a safe school environment for all

  • Develop an understanding of what appropriate behaviours are

  • Define a framework for rewarding success and de-escalating negative behaviours

  • Promote self-esteem, self-regulation and positive relationships with all staff members

  • Involve parents/carers, pupils and staff in the application of this policy and establish strong communication

The expectation of children is that they will follow the Forest Promise:

  • Be Safe

  • Be Honest

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Be the best that YOU can be

The expectation of adults is that they will:

  • Consistently apply the Behaviour Policy fairly, without favour and actively model appropriate behaviours

  • Encourage, praise and listen to children

  • Establish a culture of positive rewards whilst monitoring a consistent approach across school

  • Celebrate positive behaviour and instil a sense of pride in those pupils achieving this

  • Have high expectations of children’s attitudes to learning, play and transitions through school

  • Collaborate with team members in order to uphold and maintain high standards of behaviour at all times

  • Ensure that classroom practice fosters cooperation and collaboration (learning by doing, rather than learning by do not).

  • Keep a record of all incidents of serious or gross misconduct (see Appendix 1) and ensure that the Head teacher and parents/carers are informed of any such incidents within that same day.

  • Consistently implement the language of choice to de-escalate situations and incidents (see Appendix 2).

  • Develop and maintain Individual Behaviour Plans for pupils who present consistently unacceptable behaviours.

  • Communicate effectively with parents/carers