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Playground Leaders

The Forest Academy has a brilliant team of Upper Key Stage 2 children known as Play Leaders who work together to encourage fun and active play and further push the importance of sports and physical activity for our pupils. The aim of the Play Leaders is to encourage everyone within the school to participate in active break times by providing and offering a wide variety of activities during break and lunch times.  The Play Leaders attend an after school club once a week in order to develop their skills in leadership and coaching, which will enable them to build their confidence within their role. Play Leaders are there to lend a helping hand to both staff and children; to be a friend to anyone that needs one and to help drive the importance of sport and active play.


Roles of the Playleaders:

Lead activities on the playground to encourage different types of play

Lead warm-ups and cool downs in P.E lessons

Assist with tournament and sporting events

Help set out equipment for P.E lessons

Keep the playground clean and tidy


Areas of Play on the playground

Sports Pitch – We play a different sport each day of the week (Handball, Netball, Cricket, Basketball, Football)

Games area – This area is for large games equipment. (Jenga, Connect 4, Naughts and Crosses, Bowling, Yoga Mats, Playing Cards, Dominos)

Construction Area – This area is for creative play and building. (Crates, Tyres, Planks of wood)

Reading corner – This area is for quiet time. (Books, beanbags, benches, Planters, Reading shed)

Climbing Frame and Pirate ship – These are for role-play and exploring play.

Scooter Track and Trim Trail – This area is for KS1 to ride the scooters around the track and to explore climbing on the trim trail.

Forest World Record – This is an activity run by the Play Leaders where pupils attempt to get the highest score at a particular challenge each week.