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Here you will find our weekly newsletters with all events, news and exciting informaiton about all things fun at Forest!

Academic Year 20/21

What a way to end the week with a Forest World Book day!!!

It was the perfect end to the perfect week. Having all the children back has really brightened up the school.


Its finally time to see all our children back in the classrooms and we can’t wait.

We want to thank all our parents for all your amazing efforts during this lockdown. You have all been amazing and we are so thankful.

At last Boris has given us the news we all wanted to hear!!!!

We cannot wait to see all our Foresters back in the building on the 8th March— it has once again been far too long!!

Can you believe its February half term holidays all ready!!!! We hope our Foresters enjoy a break from the school work.

Another week of school for some and another week of home learning for others. If we haven't told you all already, you really are doing    amazing. No matter what the world throws at our Foresters, they all head it face on and we couldn't be prouder!!!!!


Another week and another announcement from Boris. We are absolutely devastated that we can’t return to normal at the end of February.

As a school we appreciate these are such hard times for our families. We want to reassure you that you are all doing a brilliant job!!!

Please keep safe.

During these difficult times we understand that the days are long and can be tough, especially with children asking every 5 minutes “I want to see my friends”. Please know that we are all in this together and if we can help in any small way, please do get in touch even for a chat or to share your photos with us. We always love to hear from you. 
This week has flew by! Can you believe we are in October already– it’s officially autumn! The weeks seem to be getting a little chillier so don’t forget to send your child to school with a warm coat. We hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Week 4 has been and gone in a flash! We have seen lots of beautiful learning taking place in classrooms this week– keep it up guys, you are all superstars!

The sunshine has been GLORIOUS this week! It has been lovely to see everyone playing on the playground, soaking up the last few days of summer– it will be snowing before we know it!

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Week 2 has been and gone in a flash!
This week we have seen some amazing learning happening in our classrooms. Our children have settled so beautifully since coming back and we are all very proud of them and our new Friday showreel is an amazing way to celebrate this.
A huge thankyou to you all for your continued support!
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Well, can you believe we are already in a brand new school year?! The past 5 months have been a very strange time for us all and we missed you all very much. We were delighted to open our doors once again on Thursday morning and welcome all of our amazing
Foresters back in to the building.

Previous Academic Year Newsletters

Well– can you believe it?! Today is the last day of the whole school year and we are now breaking up for the SUMMER HOLIDAYS!

This week, our Foresters have taken the big step into their brand new classrooms with their new teachers to have a sneaky peak at what they will be learning about in September. I can’t believe how fast they grow up!

The weeks just keep getting busier! On Monday it was our annual top trumps day! FS and KS1 en-joyed a marvellous day in the sunshine with donkey rides, bouncy castles, animal workshops AND lots of ice-cream– we hope you enjoyed your well deserved day off of learning!

WOWZA– this week has been super busy! On Monday morning it was the Grand Poetry Slam Final! A huge well done to everyone who took part and was brave enough to get on the stage in front of the whole school and perform.

This week has been busy! On Monday we had our FS2 new starter welcome meeting. It was a privi-lege for the team to meet lots of new faces and welcome you all into Forest.

It has been trips galore this week! On Tuesday, Y5 jetted off to Eden Camp to find out all about what life was like in World War 1. They all had a brilliant day and learned lots of new and interesting facts.

Can you believe we are into the FINAL term of the school year-the summer holidays will be here before we know it! But before that happens, we have 6 more weeks to cram as many things in as possible!

Can you believe Summer 1 has been and gone already? These past 4 weeks has ZOOMED by! This week has been the Y2 SATS– we are all super proud of every single one of you, you all did amazing!

Woohoo– only ONE more week between now and half term! These past 4 weeks have zoomed by and the very short term has been jam-packed with lots of different exciting events!

Well, what a jam-packed week! We only had 4 days due to bank holiday but still squeeeezed in lots of exciting things!

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a lovely Easter and ate way too much chocolate over the past 2 weeks? We are all re-charged and ready to get back to learning!

WOWZA! These past 7 weeks have ZOOOOOMED by and we are now breaking up for Easter– how on Earth did that happen?! This week has been busy, busy, busy!

Only one more week until we break up for the Easter Holidays– halleluiah! It’s been a fun but lonnnnng half term—and we’ve still got 5 more days of lovely stuff to do before we can enjoy a fortnight of rest!

Exciting news! For this terms Top Trumps treat, we are having magic workshops for the whole school! These are happening next Wednesday (3rd) and Thursday (4th) April throughout the school day. Children will be taking part in these workshops with their classes and will be learning lots of magic tricks. As well as this, they will be taking home their very own wand and instruction booklet so they can continue practising at home.

Can you believe there are only 3 more weeks left of this half term? It will be the Easter holidays before we know it! This week has been tournament-galore! On Monday, we had the Futsal tournament. 6 of our talented Y6 footballers jetted off to the Oakwell football stadium and took part in a tournament with our sister schools– Oakhill and Oakwell Rise. They all had a smashing time!

On Friday it was Red Nose Day, with our annual fun assembly followed by our staff music video to finish the day off. Thank you to all who donated to this amazing charity. It’s been a brilliant Forest week, this week—bring on the next one!

On Thursday it was WORLD BOOK DAY. The doors opened bright and early and lots of different book characters came flying in! I saw Harry Potter, The Little Mermaid, a few Elsas, one or two Mary Poppins, lots of footballers, an Elmer and even a chimney sweep! Thank you to all who dressed up and celebrated reading with us– it was a lovely day.

WOWEEE! Week 1 of Spring 2 has zoooomed by! On Monday we had a visit from the NSPCC who came to speak to the children about how to ‘Speak out and stay safe’. Thanks to the NSPCC -the children really enjoyed their workshops and had the opportunity to ask any questions they may have had.

Spring 1 has been and gone! It does not feel like two minutes ago we were hanging up the  Christmas stockings– it will be Summer before we know it. This week has been super busy! Each Key Stage has had their very own movie afternoon and enjoyed chilling out in their PJ’s and scoffing their faces with POPCORN. I hope you all loved your reward for such hard work?

WOWZA! Can you believe there is only one more week standing between now and breaking up for half term? It really has flown by! On Wednesday, Y5 jetted off to Metrodome for their very first swimming lesson - I hope you all enjoyed it and are raring to go next week?!

On Wednesday, yellow team enjoyed a movie afternoon with LOTS of yummy goodies! They had hotdogs, chocolate and hot chocolate! They watched Gnomeo and Julliet whilst enjoying their treats and much fun was had by all. Let’s see who wins this term.. Could it be you?!


What a week! On Wednesday we introduced our very first skipping workshops! This was an exciting   opportunity for children to master the art of skipping and learn a complete different range of skipping tricks. At the end of the day the WHOLE school gathered together to show case different tricks that some of our children had learnt. What a wonderful day– I can’t wait to see some of these skills on the playground!

As the weather seems to be getting extreeeemely cold—can we ask you to please make sure your child has their warmest coat and waterproof shoes/trainers on (and hats and scarves and gloves, if they will!) so we stay snug and warm outside? Especially our older pupils don’t feel the cold and think nothing of setting off without one…. Please nag, for us.

Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all! On Tuesday morning we once again opened our doors and welcomed our beautiful Foresters back into the building. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and the big man in the red suit delivered the presents that you wanted? Bring on 2019!

That brings us to today where we finished off this magical term with Y5 and Y6’s Carols Around The Tree. From all of us at Forest, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and an even better Happy New Year and we will see you all bright and early on  
TUESDAY 8th January 2019!!!.


It was also our Christmas Fair Wednesday after school and I think it was our busiest yet! Everyone had a lovely afternoon looking around the different class stalls and having a go on our famous rainbow tombola! Thank you to everyone who came– I think we may need a bigger hall next year!


Can you believe we only have 2 more weeks at school before CHRISTMAS?! Time really does fly when your having fun at Forest! On Wednesday FS2 walked down to our local Post office to post their letters to Santa! I hope they receive a reply from the man himself very soon!

This week has been another busy one! On Thursday we had our Yellow Team Prize and everyone had a wonderful afternoon in their very own fun fair– munching on candyfloss and playing hook-a-duck! Let’s see which house team wins this term.. Team Captains get more imaginative every time!


Where are these weeks going? We are just having too much fun at Forest! On Monday FS and KS1 had a marvellous day in their very own wonder-dome! When they stepped inside they got to see all the stars and planets in the sky and EVEN got to ride in their very own rocket– Sounds fantastic!

Today it was Children In Need. Our Foresters have had a smashing day in their non-uniform and has raised LOTS of money for charity. Thank you to all parents/ carers who donated– you are all fabulous!

It’s the first week back and goodness it has been a busy one! On Monday our doors flung open and our Foresters came piling in after a well deserved week off. We hope you had a lovely Halloween.

Today was our Halloween Disco– WOOHOO! Everyone has had a fabulous time scoffing their faces and boogying in their SPOOKY costumes. What a lovely end to a even lovelier half term.

Y6 set off to Kingswood early Monday morning ready for the fun filled days ahead. They had an absolute blast taking part in lots of exciting activities and by the time they arrived back to Forest on Wednesday afternoon they were exhausted… Be sure to go find them during next week and find out what they got up to!

On Tuesday, FS2 had a major discovery!! They found some bones in their outside environment and spent the WHOLE morning transforming into little detectives and trying to solve the mystery of who they belonged to– sounds SPOOOKY.

On Wednesday, we welcomed the first of our four Forest babies due this year!!! The youngest member of our Forest family is Grace Elizabeth Palmer, Miss Morrison’s beautiful baby girl..  Congratulations to our lovely Miss Morrison (and dad) for a job very well done! We can’t wait to meet her…. 

This week has been busy, busy, busy! On Tuesday we had our first Extreme Readers trip of the school year! At lunch time, myself, Miss Day and Mrs Pierce jetted off down the school path along with 9 Extreme Readers all the way down to Frankie and Benny’s! We had a lovely afternoon scoffing our faces with yummy food and treats.

Week 3 has been and gone already– how did that happen? We have had another  SUPER week doing some beautiful learning. In Monday’s assembly we talked all about healthy breakfasts and how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t forget– all are welcome to our breakfast club every morning 8.00am-9am, where SCRUMMY toast and bagels, cereal and porridge are available FREE OF CHARGE!

WOWZA! This week has been our first FULL week of the new school year and we have had a blast! On Monday we welcomed back after school clubs. I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your brand new activities and are excited to go again next week.

Welcome back! It doesn’t feel like two minutes since we were waving everyone off for the summer holidays six weeks ago! I hope you all had a lovely well deserved break and our ready to get back to it!

Can you believe it? Today is the last day of the whole school year and we are now breaking up for the SUMMER HOLIDAYS! This week has been a reeeeally busy one including the last bike ability sessions for Y5, a Victorian coffee morning and work shop and EVEN parties in classrooms to celebrate all their hard work this term! Our staff have also been working hard to make sure all classrooms are clean and tidy ready for their new lovelies to arrive in September.

This week, our Foresters have taken the big step into their brand new classrooms with their new teachers to have a sneak peak at what they will be learning about in September. I had a wander around classes this week and everyone has settled in beautifully—I can’t believe how fast they grow up!

The weeks keep getting busier and busier! On Tuesday we celebrated our annual GOLDEN DAY! KS1 had wonderful fun enjoying donkey rides, circus tricks and even got a trip to the Forest ICE-CREAM PARLOUR! Sounds perfect to me! KS2 jetted off to Light Water Valley and had a blast on the rides!

What a week! It’s clear to say the sun definitely had it’s hat on. Please be sure to bring sun cream and a hat with your child to school next week if this warm weather continues. On Monday, we had our annual Sports Day! It was a spectacular day enjoyed by both children and parents.

This week has been busy busy busy! On Monday we had our FS2 new starters welcome meeting. This was an opportunity for both parents and children to have a look at our beautiful school, see what kind of things we get up to and finally speak to their new teachers. It was lovely  to see and speak to so many new faces– we are really excited for them to start Forest in September. 

What a lovely second week at Forest! I have had lots of children visiting my office to show me wonderful pieces of work they have produced- Please keep them coming! On Wednesday Y6 had a jam-packed sports morning and a movie afternoon. They even got to enjoy a SCRUMPTIOUS dominos for dinner.

Well, what a week! Our doors flung open bright and early Monday morning and our beautiful Foresters came piling through. I hope you all had a lovely week off. On Tuesday Y5 went jetting off to Eden Camp! They had a SUPER day learning and experiencing what life was like in World War 2 and even got to act like a real life soldier!

What a week! On Monday, FS2 had enjoyed a Royal affair as they celebrated their very own Royal Wedding. They all had a smashing time dressed up in their posh outfits and even had an outdoor feast in the afternoon.

This week has been a VERY busy one! Y6 completed their SATS and I must say– they tackled the tests with confidence and did fantastically well! I am very proud of every single one of you and all the hard work you have put in this year– let the fun trips begin!

This week has been another busy one! I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday and enjoyed the glorious sunshine– fingers crossed the weather stays bright! On Thursday, FS2 jetted off to Cannon Hall Farm. They had a lovely day petting, feeding and learning  about all the different animals and even finished off the day in the play area.

I am delighted to share news with parents that both our lovely Miss Morrison and Mrs Wathen are expecting babies in the new school year - a very special first baby for Miss Morrison, and a baby brother or sister for Little Miss Wathen!

It was Parent Consults this week. I hope you all enjoyed speak-ing with your child's teacher and finding out how they are getting on in their classroom. Thank you to those who found the time to fill out a parent questionnaire on the way in, we really love hearing your thoughts about Forest and are always looking for ways to improve!

WOWZA– The sun has certainly had it’s hat on this week and the children have absolutely loved venturing out onto the field. I’m glad to finally see the back of that dreadful snow! Please do remember to bring your child with a hat and sun cream to school if this sun continues so they are protected.

On Thursday, KS1 transformed into mini Pirates and had their very own PIRATE DAY! They even got to meet a real life Pirate and heard some amazing stories– sound like they had lots of fun!

This has been an unbelievably EGGxciting week! It been so lovely to see all your wonderful entries for the Easter Egg competition- you are clearly a very talented bunch of eggs and should be very proud! Well done to all of the winners and to everyone who took part.

As has become Forest tradition, on Monday we launched our Easter Egg competition for the whole school! Entrants are asked to transform a hard boiled egg into something spectacular!

Today we have FINALLY managed to have our ‘World Book Day’. It was lovely to see all our beautiful children dressed up as different book characters, thank you to everyone who put so much effort into creating some fabulous costumes!

Beautiful beaming faces came rushing through the doors on Monday morning after a well deserved week off! It was lovely to see you all ready and eager to learn once again. I popped into various different classrooms throughout the week and it was brilliant to see everyone loving their new topics. Be sure to visit my office if you have produced some wonderful work that you would like to proudly show-off.

WOWZA!  On Thursday 1st March we are going to be taking part in World Book Day! This day is
a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it's a celebration of reading.

There is just one more week that stands between now and half term– how fast has that gone? This week has been a busy one! I had a wander down the KS1 corridor this week to find they have been writing some fabulous traditional tales and finding out about famous explorers like Christopher Columbus and Scott of the Antarctic. I can’t wait to read some of those wonderful stories!

Miss Galley would like to say a big thank you to you all for fantastic attendance this week. Even though it has been cold, snowy and icy you have managed to get up bright and early and get into school so she is VERY proud of you all… WELL DONE!

Happy New Year! We are back to normality after a very long two weeks off, I hope you all had a  lovely Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year—let’s make 2018 a good one!

On Monday 18th December- It’s cinema time! Get your goodies packed, we are off to see Paddington 2!
The whole school including Nursery pupils will be attending the trip on Monday.

We need your help! This Christmas, we are going to be helping the Barnsley Food Bank again! Barnsley Food Bank are a generous charity who give their free time up to help others! We want to give a little love from For-est!

As you know the children compete each week to achieve house points and you will see the coloured points counters rising and rising. It was a close won run race but this terms winners were the RED TEAM! Well done to all who contributed a to achieving a wonderful house point, you are amazing! The Red team will be settling down to a lovely movie afternoon on Monday in the school hall to watch TROLLS. 

It’s that time of year again! Forest are going to be having a Christmas Fair on Wednesday 6th Decem-ber 3.00-4.30pm. if you have never been before it is a lovely celebration of Christmas and all that is wonderful at Forest.

This week has been another craaaaazy one! On Monday we had not one BUT TWO workshops! KS1 took part in a dance workshops and showed off their new skills to the whole of FS, they all danced their little socks off! Y5 and Y6 enjoyed a Roman workshop and learnt all about their daily life, what fun!

Parent consults are taking place next week on Tuesday 14th November and Wednesday 15th November. This will be an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s targets and receive feedback on your child’s progress so far.

WOW! What a week it has been! We have managed to fit in a FS bus ride around Kendray, a Harvest festival, Halloween Disco, tug of war competition AND an Ariana Grande concert… That is a lot to squeeze into one week. Forest has had a magnificent first half term back and the children have achieved amazing things, you should ALL be very proud of yourself.

We have some extremely exciting news to share with you… next Thursday, 26th October we are going to be having a school concert ALL afternoon! As we loved having the Little Mix tribute act sooo much, we have decided to invite another special guest. ARIANA GRANDE!

On Monday, Y6 are jetting off to Kingswood! WOWZA! They will be leaving Forest at approximately 9.30am Monday morning where they will be doing all kinds of adventurous things before returning to Forest on Wednesday at 1.30pm.

We have some very exciting news to share with our parents at Forest. From Monday 9th October we are launching our brand new online payment system for parents– Parent Pay.

LKS2 have based their learning around Egyptians this week. Some wonderful pieces of work has been produced and they have even dressed up like mummies! I was relieved to hear they returned back to their beautiful selves...


As Young Voices was such a success last year, we are going to be participating again! Young Voices is a HUUUGE concert for schools across the country to attend and sing their hearts out! There will be    special music acts also making an appearance...sounds good to me!

We are once again taking part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support. Please come along on Friday 29th September 2017 at 9am-10am. We would welcome donations of cakes and buns for this event, please bring any cake donations to the school office and come along and join us for a coffee. It’s for an amazing cause!


My first week at Forest has been as magical as I knew it would be! Wednesday brought a rush of Foresters looking shiny and smart with the hugest grins across their faces.   what a fantastic first week back! We have loved welcoming you little Foresters back and showing you around your new class rooms- we hope you love them as much as we do. I have certainly enjoyed listening to all your adventures which you have been on during the summer break- sounds like you all had the best time!

It is only  3 more sleeps until passport day– the day we wait for all year! On Monday 24th July, the whole school will be celebrating the year with a BANG!


Don’t forget… we break up for the summer holidays on Tuesday 25th July at 1:00pm!
There will be no Celebration Assembly next week as we have had plenty of deliveries of new stock and exciting items for September and we need a big space for it all! We can’t wait to set our classrooms up beautiful ready for all you wonderful people…


Well, this week has been a BUSY but FUN one with trips, proms and a Talent Show to name just a few things going on! Not long now until the summer break… can you believe it?! Time does fly when you’re having fun…



Well, this week has been a BUSY but FUN one! Not long now until the summer break… can you believe it? It is transition week next week, where you get to spend some time with your new class– wahoo!



This week has been a busyyyyyyy week! The sun has had his hat on, which  has made everyone smile! Miss Morrison even made a quick dash to the shop for more cold water! On Tuesday afternoon we opened our Forest doors to the FS2 new starters and parents for a welcome meeting!


This week we have had the pleasure of being joined by our colleagues and friends from Littlecoates Primary and the Wellspring Team. Mr Wilson and the team came to see just what amazing things we do at Forest.

This half term I have been very busy recruiting teachers to join our schools - with over 30 applications for the jobs we have it has been a pleasure to note so many people want to work at Forest! I am delighted to share news with you of the promotion of a number of our teachers, from September.

On Monday, the UKS2 Pupil Parliament children, visited the Mayor of Barnsley , Cllr Linda Burgess. They had a wonderful afternoon and had a tour of the Mayors parlour and got to see what happens at the Town Hall. What an inspiring afternoon...You never know we may have the next Mayor of Barnsley in our midst!

I cannot express into words how truly amazing our Y6 pupils have been this week. They have turned up each day ready and raring to smash these SATs out of the park! They showed Forest talent and I'm sure that they will see the rewards of their hard work...remember this is just a small snap shot of what our beautiful children are capable of! The children have even enjoyed a McDonalds lunch today as a special treat for all their hard work.



Next week it is time for Y6 to face the ultimate challenge in primary school as they sit their KS2 SAT tests, in common with all other Y6 pupils across the country. Our Y6 beauties have done incredibly well in recent practice tests and really have shown that Forest resilience.


It is that time again when you find out how wonderful your child is! Parent consult letters have been sent home with your child.

We hope you all enjoyed the book fair this week, so many wonderful books bought! Oooooo lovely….an Easter holiday reading a new book - can you think of anything better?!


So, you may have heard that next Tuesday is Passport Day!? O annual term treat for fantastic Forest chil-dren. This term, we have got the wonderful Little Mix coming to perform in the afternoon to everyone in the school hall. There are also a few other treats for everyone on this day… but it is a surprise ;)

The Year 5 class had a wonderful time yesterday, at the National Coal Mining Museum, learning all about life down the mines, they even came back to school with soot covered faces! There are some wonderful photos on Facebook so do take a look.


On Thursday 6th April, we are having our annual Easter Disco for Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 children 3:00-4:00pm. Tickets will be £2.00 per child. These will be on sale from Tuesday 21st March from the school office.  At the disco, your child will receive pop and crisps. There will be a sweet stall to purchase sweets from as a special extra!

Well, what a super week we have had– the sun has certainly had his hat on. We had a visit from the Deputy Mayor on Tuesday morning who presented the bronze travel award to the school council, who proudly accepted on behalf of everyone at Forest.

On Monday - we revealed the winner of the kindness competition. We have a lovely winning poster  created by Brett in Y6. Well done, we hope you enjoy your Nintendo DS!

Well…. half term is here! What a term is has been, so much wonderful learning, with some beautiful trips to Waterstones and Frankie and Bennies, football tournaments, a visit by Barnsley FC, Chinese New Year Celebrations, Kindness Competitions to name just a few of the fun things at Forest….and to top it all off, a magnificent 100% attendance on Tuesday afternoon! WOW! Bring on next term :)

Year 3, Year 4S and Year 4W had the wonderful treat—walking down to visit Frankie & Bennies Restaurant at Stairfoot this week. As part of their Farm to Fork Topic, they ordered their own food , enjoyed a two course meal, and used lovely table manners.  The chocolate brownie sundae was AMAZING!




We received an email from I AM learning, the online maths mania resource we use, to congratulate us on being brilliant: I just wanted to drop you an email as I looked at the stats this morning and I was so happy to see that the December hours used for I AM Learning was over 500 making you the second highest using school in the country for the last 30 days! That’s absolutely fantastic! No wonder you are all maths geniuses!


We have been contacted by a TV Casting Researcher from ITV who is currently working on a new TV show for ITV1 entitled ‘The Money Saving Good Food Show’. How exciting!!!


On Tuesday, we took another bunch of fantastic Forest readers to Meadowhall for the Extreme Readers trip. The children selected 10 marvellous new books EACH for our lovely book tunnel! oh what fun we had playing games whilst eating donuts and drinking hot chocolate! YUM YUM…



On Tuesday, our Foresters  took part in the biggest choir in the world at Sheffield Arena, for the very first time, at the Young Voices event. Miss Gillanders, Mrs Bailey and Miss Hodges and 23 beautiful Foresters were there all afternoon in rehearsals and we couldn’t have been prouder of their impeccable behaviour and effort. We were joined by many lovely parents and staff members later on for the show and it seemed that everyone had a ball! What a wonderful event, we can’t wait for next year!


Welcome back Foresters! It is 2017, can you believe it? I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and amazing New Year! It might be cold, but we are back to our lovely warm school. YIPEE! I have loved listening to all your Christmas stories– sounds like you had a brilliant time! We are back and ready to do lots of  learning and have plenty of fun!

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We have some very exciting Christmassy events planned for this term. We welcome you and your family and friends to attend some of these events to enjoy with your beautiful children. Take a look at our marvellous Christmas event letter...
18th November 2016

Santa will be visiting the school fair on Wednesday 7th December 2016. You will need to buy your Santa’s Grotto tickets from the school office for £1.50 each you will also get a lovely present from Santa . The tickets will be on sale from Monday 21st November 2016. All children who have purchased a ticket will visit Santa throughout the school day on Wednesday 7th December but don’t worry he will still stick around for the school fair so siblings can see him too! You will be able to buy these additional tickets at the grotto.

11th November 2016

Well...the snow went as fast as it came, it was a cold one on Wednesday but lovely and toasty warm in school. The Y6 children learnt lots about the community and it’s vital services yesterday at the Lifewise Centre. The whole school observed a two minute silence this morning at 11am to  mark Remembrance Day . It’s been a very busy week at Forest.

4th November 2016

Welcome back to the new school term. I'm sure you all had a great half term and the children are clearly rested and enthusiastic to be back. It's been a perfect week in school - hard work, lots of fun and lots happening. Just another week at Forest! 

21st October 2016

Can you believe it is the last day of term, WOWSER’s what a term! This term really has seen our beautiful children begin to grow and excel. They settled well into their new classes and routines, achieved great success in assessments and have enjoyed lots of lovely trips and activities. I cannot wait to see how much they achieve next term.

14th October 2016

The wonderful children at Oakwell Rise have been with us now for 2 weeks and have been welcomed beautifully by our children. The works at the Doncaster Road site are nearing completion in the half term break. We therefore will be welcoming the KS1 and FS children for one final week at Forest next week. We would like to thank you all for your understanding and support for the Oakwell Rise children and staff, through what has been a very difficult time.

7th October 2016

Another fabulous week at Forest with lots of wonderful  visitors who have given Forest many wonderful compliments! They have commented on how lovely our new school looks and how wonderful and polite our gorgeous Forest pupils are; everyday this school fills me with pride!
Our little visitors from Oakwell Rise have settled in well and our pupils have given them the Forest welcome we are becoming known for. Keep it up Forest!

30th September 2016

Once again we will be having a Halloween Disco for our pupils on Thursday 20th October 2016 from 3pm till 4.00 in the school hall for Years 1-6. Tickets are available to buy from the school office for £1.50 each from Monday 3rd October, with that £1.50 including a free drink and some crisps. The disco will be led by a DJ, and children can bring some pocket money to buy additional drinks and sweets on the night. Pupils should bring their clothes to change into at the end of the school day and prepare to paaaaaaarrrty! Foundation Stage will be having a spooky topic themed week after half term to have lots of Halloween fun!

23rd September 2016

It has been a very busy week. The week began with Y3 and Y4 making their very own jelly topped, scrumdiddlyumptious chocolate bar, you might say in their very own Charlie and the Chocolate style factory! Foundation Stage have also enjoyed a wonderful teddy bears picnic to celebrate such a lovely week. Much fun was had by all!

19th September 2016

WOW what a week it has been! It has been a supersonic week and our feet have not touched the ground! We welcomed many new pupils to Forest and they have settled in so well it’s like they have always been here. Welcome to Forest. Our Reception beauties, enjoyed their first lunchtime together on Monday. They did it beautifully - lined up smartly, found a place to sit, ate well, chatted quietly, cleared it ALLLLLLL up AND smiled throughout! A perfect first lunchtime - well done to you all! ;-)

9th September 2016

Welcome back to a brand, spanking new school year. A school is only a building without the kids and so it was wonderful to finally open our doors and welcome the heart of the school back inside on Wednesday. As we expected, the children burst in and told us all their summer tales… Oh, how we have missed you! ;-)

Newsletter- 10.06.16

It’s been a super- fast, sunny week at Forest. There are only 5 weeks to go and only 3 more for our lovely Y6 before they set off on their next adventure at High School. We have had a very exciting week in classrooms this week with some very special visitors. On Monday, award winning author Alan Gibbons joined Y5 and Y6 for a master class in story writing. We have purchased a raft of his novels and I’m sure everyone will be clambering over each other to be the first to read them! On Thursday Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 were joined by Dr Mark for a science extravaganza! Dr Mark shared lots of amazing science facts and even shot a rocket up to the hall ceiling- take a look at the hall! ;) The children enjoyed every minute and we have lots of fun activities planned for next week in class.

Newsletter 23rd October 2015

This week marks the end of a very long, very successful first half term which has proved, once again, just what a fantastic team we have at Forest — children, parents and staff, shoulder to shoulder on every front..  I am so proud of all the children for a great start to the year and I hope that you were, too, as you came into school to meet your child’s class teacher this week. Thank you to those parents who came to parents evening and had those important discussions and thank you to those parents who completed a parent questionnaire- your feedback is a vital part of us achieving an outstanding school. We break up today and will be back in school at 8am on Monday 2nd November.

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New Menus

We have a new menu for the new term. Take a look!

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Newsletter 6th November 2015

I hope you all had a wonderful half term, the children have been telling me lots of lovely stories of their Halloween fun. This week has been a lovely week in school, on Monday morning the school hall was completely filled with a huge Space Dome, the children really enjoyed it and experienced an interactive solar system!! On Thursday the bonfire themed day with Catherine Wheel pizza Bonfire buns went down a treat. I hope you all have a safe weekend enjoying fireworks and bonfires!

Our beautiful extreme readers yesterday visited Waterstones and Starbucks at Meadowhall, to select books for their class to love and enjoy as part of the curriculum for the term ahead.  The extreme readers children truly are real ambassadors of reading, they are always making a concerted effort in returning books, during guided reading and reading at home or just in their own time. They loved selecting the books and even enjoyed a real Starbucks hot chocolate! Keep encouraging you child to bring their reading record books back and who knows they may well be next terms Extreme Reader!

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Newsletter 13th November 2015

This week has been a busy one but a fun one indeed! With Y1 and Y2 on their trip to Abbey House, Leeds on Tuesday… learning about Toys from the past, a lovely trip! The school fell silent on Tuesday when our children observed the 2 minute silence to mark Remembrance Day and on Thursday our wonderful Y6’s were college students for the day, we have some budding Chef’s in our school and they did a fantastic job and were true ambassadors of Forest. You may even have seen the beautifully decorated buns that were sold to raise funds for Children in Need… weren’t they amazing? Very proud.

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Newsletter 20th November 2015

What a cold, dark week it has been outside this week, but the sun—as always- has been shining inside! I have had the pleasure, this week, of visiting every classroom and have observed some wonderful Maths lessons. The children can’t half calculate! The accuracy, skill and concentration is brilliant. I’m sure your child has already spoken to you about their successes and achievements on our Maths Mania programme in school, (if you don’t know about it please do speak to us!), keep an eye out for our assemblies in December which celebrates Key Stages Maths achievements.

We are well into the winter season and we may, just may, see snowflakes falling this year! We will, as always, try our up most to keep school open, however when we do have to close the school you will be notified by text message, Facebook/ Twitter and all school closures will be posted on Dearne FM and Hallam FM.  Please check all these options first and resist the urge to phone school—we will tell you as soon as there is news. Always presume that the school is open until told otherwise via the methods above.

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27th November 2015 Newsletter

This week has been a busy one… We started with a very cold Monday morning as the boiler wasn’t quite itself – and then had a very hot Tuesday and Wednesday as I refused to turn it off again until I could be sure it was fixed! 

Our chosen charity to support this year is ‘The Rucksack Project’ – something we shared with the children on Monday morning. This is a local cause and we are the hub for the local area – collecting donations from within our community and beyond. These donations are useful items which can be given to make Barnsley’s homeless community a little warmer, drier and happier during the freezing cold winter months ahead – hats/gloves, warm socks, an old coat/jumper, tins of soup/food, a flask, a sleeping bag etc. The children were very captured by it and have been quick to bring things in this week already. If you can help – please do.

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Newsletter 4th December 2015

This week has been one of the supersonic variety. We continue to have Headteachers and their teams visit us – currently welcoming at least a visitor a week coming to find out how we are doing things at Forest. This is a wonderful thing for us and our visitors never fail to comment upon the wonderful children we have here. We cannot argue with that!

Many thanks to those parents and grandparents who came along to this weeks meeting with Governors. The feedback was very positive – with all there commenting on how much their kids love coming to school, which is something I am very proud of. There was talk of uniform, with agreement between us that we must do more to ensure that lost uniform is returned to children and that less of it is lost! We have plans afoot for new lockers for KS2 children so watch this space…

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Newsletter 11th December 2015

What a week!!! I have been blown away with the amount of support received from our wonderful Kendray community. This week’s Christmas Fair was a true triumph, a thank you must go out to everyone for your kind donations including a Christmas hamper from the local One Stop team and to all the helpers and the spenders! The tombola stall was packed to the rafters with donations and our hardworking parent volunteers in the dining room: Mavis, Suzanne, Trisha and Maureen making over 140 hot dogs and gosh knows how may teas and coffees! We even received a visit from Elsa and Anna! Thank you to our FAPTA ladies with some fantastic sweet stalls, Christmas plates and raffles, a sterling job as always! Not forgetting our wonderful parent governors Amy and Dale who, behind the scenes, have put in an awful lot of hours preparing the fair and making it the success it was…  How busy was the grotto?! We apologise for the VERY long queue we didn’t bank on it being so popular…next year we will be even more organised on that front! We have raised a fantastic £668.83 from the fair, £276 from the grotto and so far tickets sales have raised £284 and still increasing…. Moving ever closer to that climbing frame in the playground! A sincere thank you to all.

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Newsletter 18th December 2015

This week has been such a lovely, chritsmassy, fun filled week. Such lovely events starting with a Forest favourite– the passport trip to the cinema! We had such fun taking the whole school to see ‘The Good Dinosaur’, the children (and staff!!) thoroughly enjoyed the film such a lovely afternoon and the children’s faces were a picture! I want to thank all you lovely mums, dads, nannans, granddads, aunties and uncles for your wonderful support, generosity and overall loveliness you give to this school. Kendray community is truly amazing and this school is amazing because of our children and it’s community. Thank you!

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The Read all About it! Press Gang have written a wonderful newspaper which is created each half term. Please do take a look it is truly a lovely read!

READ ALL ABOUT IT! Dec 2015 Edition

It’s been a super- fast, sunny week at Forest. There are only 5 weeks to go and only 3 more for our lovely Y6 before they set off on their next adventure at High School. We have had a very exciting week in classrooms this week with some very special visitors. On Monday, award winning author Alan Gibbons joined Y5 and Y6 for a master class in story writing. We have purchased a raft of his novels and I’m sure everyone will be clambering over each other to be the first to read them! On Thursday Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 were joined by Dr Mark for a science extravaganza! Dr Mark shared lots of amazing science facts and even shot a rocket up to the hall ceiling- take a look at the hall! ;) The children enjoyed every minute and we have lots of fun activities planned for next week in class.

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The school Sports Day this year will be held on Friday 24th June 2016 and will begin at 9.00am promptly on the school field. The children will be split into coloured teams, your child should have come home with a sports day letter telling them which colour team they have been allocated. We do not expect you to purchase anything special for this but welcome children to wear their team colour.  If you are not sure of their team colour please do not hesitate in speaking to your child’s teacher or the school office. The running order of the day will consist of traditional sports day races including: running races, egg and spoon, sack races and obstacle race.  The running order is as follows (please note that these times are approximate depending on how quickly each race is ran!)

Foundation Stage including all nursery children- 9am- 10am
Key Stage 1 10.00- 11.30
Key Stage 2 12.30- 2.00

Celebration Assembly 2.30 in the school hall with the winning team colour announced.
The afternoon Nursery children will not be required to attend in the afternoon, but will be invited to attend the morning session to take part in the Sports Day with the rest of the Foundation Stage. All nursery children are to arrive at 8.30am with collection at 11.30am for those parents not attending the Sports Day. 

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As KS2 set off for Lightwater Valley on Monday for a fun filled day of roller-coaster fun, KS1 began arriving for their day of fun on the field.  The children were a credit to you - full of fun and laughter, impeccably well behaved and very thankful for their day of fun. It was a sun filled, beautiful day on the field and the children loved meeting Danny, Sonny and Karl the donkey’s along with a jam packed day of circus skills, bouncy castles and the first time this year our very own Forest Ice Cream Parlour!  I’m gutted I missed out on that one! Monday was a day of absolute celebration and our way of thanks to you and your children for what has been a fantastic year at Forest.

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Today, we bid farewell to some very special people as our Y6's leave the building one final time. They truly are an amazingly, beautiful, outstandingly gorgeous group of young people ready to take on the world (and high school!) We honestly couldn’t be prouder of them and wish them all our love and luck for a bright and wonderful future!

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The Y6 prom on Wednesday was a beautiful event, you all looked gorgeous in your suits and ball gowns and the prom arrivals at the school gate will go down in Forest history! Thank you to all those parents who contributed, whether it be big or small, for making it such a thoughtful and special occasion.

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Throughout the summer months, we will be having plenty of building work to continue to improve our building. This will include:

1. Y5/Y6 classroom refurbishment – the three current Y6 rooms (right of the hall) will be knocked through to form two good-sized classrooms.
2. Office refurbishment – the two offices down the Reception/Welcome wing will be converted into additional teaching spaces.
3. The toilets in the main school – used by pupils from Y1-Y6 currently – are being completely refurbished. There will be separate KS1 and KS2 facilities – and far more cubicles than we’ve ever had before!
4. Window replacements – low level windows down all main corridors replaced with double glazing.
5. Meeting room – a large area currently used to store cleaning equipment is being refurbished to form a new meeting room.
6. Foundation Stage – is about to enjoy some refurbishment, with a wall dividing the space into two distinct teaching spaces for FS1 and FS2 pupils, allowing a quieter working space and more quality talk! We will also be removing some doorways and adding some fixed furnishings to up-spec the bases.
7. Year 1 classrooms – are having some fixed furnishings and general upgrades.
8. School frontage – is also having a complete face-lift and will look a whole lot smarter come September; something like this...

School will therefore be a very busy place throughout the summer months, and sadly there will be no sports clubs in school this summer as a result.

I have also taken the decision to close school at 1pm on Friday 15th July in order to allow staff to clear and pack the necessary areas before the summer building work begins. Can all parents please collect their child at the usual exit points at this time? In addition, please note – there will be no morning or afternoon nursery session that day. I trust that you agree that this small sacrifice on your part will enable a good start to the building works and ensure we are ready for September.
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Y6 results landed on Tuesday at the same time as every school in the country. The testing system is very, very different this year and you may have seen on the news there is a massive 30% drop in the number of 11 year olds now deemed ‘at expected standard’. I am pleased to say that our Y6’s outperformed what happened nationally in maths and writing– with around 90% achieving ‘Y6 expected’. We are incredibly proud of them all– and the talented teaching team we have! Well done, all :)

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It’s been a super- fast, sunny week at Forest. There are only 5 weeks to go and only 3 more for our lovely Y6 before they set off on their next adventure at High School. We have had a very exciting week in classrooms this week with some very special visitors. On Monday, award winning author Alan Gibbons joined Y5 and Y6 for a master class in story writing. We have purchased a raft of his novels and I’m sure everyone will be clambering over each other to be the first to read them! On Thursday Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5 were joined by Dr Mark for a science extravaganza! Dr Mark shared lots of amazing science facts and even shot a rocket up to the hall ceiling- take a look at the hall! ;) The children enjoyed every minute and we have lots of fun activities planned for next week in class.