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If you have a worry or concern about your child, we want to hear about it...
Parents are welcome to speak with their childs class teacher each day, but can also get in touch with our Parent Support Advisor - Miss Galley or our Learning and Family Mentor- Mrs Duffield.  Call in to the school office and we wil put you in touch as soon as we can.
How to raise a concern or complaint
If you are concerned about your child, we encourage you to speak to your child's class teacher and allow them the opportunity to discuss the matter with you. If you remain unhappy, then you are of course welcome to escalate the concern to a more senior member of staff. Please contact the school office on 01226 284719. Forest office staff are happy to help you get through to the appropriate person. Your compaint will be treated as a matter of utmost importance and we aim to meet with you within the day as far as possible so that matters can be dealt with quickly and a satisfactory solution sought. 

If you are still not happy, then parents are asked to follow the procedure in the complaints policy and put their complaint in writing. For complaints about school staff, procedures or a particular incident relating to your child - the Head of School will investigate the matter and provide you with a written response as quickly as possible. 

Where your complaint concerns the Principal, parents are asked to put their complaint in writing and contact the Chair of Governors, Mr Michael Sanderson. Again, procedures for raising your complaint with Mr Sanderson will be explained via the school office on 01226 284719. 

Pupil concerns
Our pupils are encouraged to raise concerns they may have with an adult in school or with their parent/ carer. As a school we provide regular prompts and reminders through assemblies and through the curriculum.
A copy of the Complaints Policy can be accessed on our School Policies website page on the below link: 
School Policies